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Itís a time of joy, a time of peace.
A time when hearts are then set free, A time to heal the wounds of division.
Itís a time of grace, a time of hope,
Itís time of sharing the gifts we have,
A time to build the world that is one.
Itís the time to give thanks to the Father, Son, and Spirit,
and with Mary, our Mother, we sing this song:
Open your hearts to the Lord
And begin to see the mystery
That we are all together as one family.
No more walls, no chains,
No more selfish and closed doors
For we are in the fullness of Godís time.
Itís the time of the Great Jubilee
Itís a time of prayer, a time of praise,
A time to lift our hands to God,
A time to recall all our graces.
Itís a time to  touch, a time to reach
Those hearts are often wander
A time to bring them back to Godís embrace.(Ref.)
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